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Hello, plz tel me how download microsoft word 2007
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  1. Buy a copy from the store at they offer the choice of disk or download (or both)
  2. no
  3. As joedastudd said, you will have to buy Microsoft Word in order to use it. The best free alternative is Open Office:
  4. chanda khadim said:
    Hello, plz tel me how download microsoft word 2007

    why get 2007 when you can get 2010!!! here's how you can get the trial version for free:
    try it for 60 days. meanwhile, buy a key from microsoft and activate it. follow the guidelines on that link.
    if you're looking for a free full version, it'd be piracy and tom's doesn't allow piracy.
    if you don't wanna go through all the hassles of trial version, you can try libreoffice instead. it's totally free and fully featured office alternative.
    good luck! :)
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