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Jumping ship.

I have a Core 2 Duo e7300 @ 3.5GHz, and I was wondering if I should just jump to LGA115 being that I was offered a G540, motherboard, and RAM for 110$. I have a Hyper 212+ lined up to overclock the G540 aswell if that helps any.

The question is..

Core 2 Duo e7300 vs Intel Pentium G540

Will I get better gaming preformance?
If I overclock will I get better gaming preformance then?
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  1. My guess is not, you are going from a well overclocked core2 duo to a plain celeron you just dont have the on die cache as you do on the core2 duo, but you could get a different processor than the G540.
  2. ull prob see better performance but its a celeron not a pentium the sandy bridge pentiums are 6xx or 8xx and those would prob be a better choice, but if ur going that far get an i3, i understand money can be the issue but a i3 will b best
  3. The G540 can't overclock. The Pentium is a lot newer, and will undoubtedly perform better.
  4. So just scratch up another 30$ or so and get a i3?

    It will just hold me over a few months and get a 3570k for Christmas.
  5. I pretty much agree with knight, the G540 might be a sidegrade at best.

    Since the max core multipliers are locked on non-K/X SB/IB CPUs and the BCLK has very tight tolerances, overclocking the G540 is a no-go.
  6. After Christmas sale!
  7. If you want something to hold you over, I would just get the Pentium.
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    austing said:
    So just scratch up another 30$ or so and get a i3?

    It will just hold me over a few months and get a 3570k for Christmas.

    If you're just holding on until Christmas, I would say hold onto your money and wait until then. You would see a slight increase in performance upgrading to a Pentium now, but it wouldn't be worth $110 IMO.

    What motherboard comes with the offer? If it's an OC ready Z77 board, then I would say take it. Otherwise, invest the money into a GPU for when the time comes to upgrade to the 3570k.
  9. That's a downgrade.

    The G540 is Sandy Bridge based but the core improvements can't compensate for running 1Ghz slower.

    G540 is 100Mhz slower than the G620, E7200 is 100 Mhz slower than the E7300

    This is a fairly good representation, however, I'm not too sure how much the 1MB less cache the G540 would effect performance.

    However, take into consideration this is without an OC on the C2D, the G540 CAN NOT be overclocked. My previous recommendation of staying with your current rig stays the same, OP.
  11. I already have a GTX 460 waiting, so I'm good on GPU.

    I'll just hold off for now, the motherboard I was offered was a 70$ AsRock mAtx board.
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