I am about to buy an Asus monitor, should I?

Hi, I am soon going to buy this monitor
I thought, before buying I should post here for some feedback on my choiece. Will it be good for me? I am going to game on it a little and HD movies, overall total home use, nothing pro.
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  1. looks good I love asus
  2. I have 4 asus monitors, 2 dells, an older samsung and some acers. Price per performance the asus monitors are great. I am happy with mine.

    I got 3 24s for surround and 2 of them had 1 bad pixel. And of course the one i set up as the center screen has the 1 bad pixel right in the middle.
    Bad pixels are a litte frustration when you get a new screen but some times they are a fact of life. In reality i dont even see the bad pixel unless i look for it.
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