Psu for GT 630/430

I have a pc rig of the following components-

core2duo e7200
zion 2gb ddr2 ram
sony dvd RW
8600gt 512mb
PSU with cpu case of 400w (15A @ 12V)
80 GB seagate hdd

I wanna buy a new G.card either GT 630 or GT 430...Now,will my PSU handle any of those two cards?? (I'd prefer GT 630) Please help....
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  1. well the 630 is a rebadged 440 so thatd be the best of those two.
    Power-wise you are fine, its only a 65w card and doesnt need external power.
  2. My Delta PSU (300W) supplies 18A on the 12V rail, it has a GT430 and a AMD sempron 3500+ (62W).

    That PSU should be enough.
  3. Okay thank you... :)
  4. I saw somewhere that gt630 needs 20/22A @ 12V rails ,but mine is only 15A@12V , Is that going to be any problem????
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    gt630 doesnt need power from the power supply. it runs from the power supplied on the pcie bus. Just about any power supply would run it but realistically you'd want at least 200w. Your 400w supply with 15a (15 x 12v = 180w) rail should be plenty to power a 65w card.

    Edit - Pcie slot v1 thru 2.0 provides 75w of power : 3a on the 3.3v and 5.5a on the 12v. Pcie2.1 raises the bar to 150w.
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  7. Okay now another Issue....I know that PCI e x16 is backward compatible,but I have old Pci e x16 (v1,not v1.1) slot,now is THAT gonna be any problem??? cause I saw in the spec that it is PCI-E x 16 V2.0 (with v1.1 compatible) ???? will it work just fine on my PCI-E x16 v1 slot??
  8. I bought a GT 430 to ensure slot compatibility (it is PCIe 2.0) and it works well, although I have also been told that you only need to restrict yourself to 2.0 cards if your slot is definitely PCIe 1.0.
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