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I've got some money and there's a fair number of games now where I would like to increase quality/performance so I think its time to look at new GPU's :) Was hoping to go with one of the new HD 7000 series, but there's a massive price and performance gap between the 7770 and 7850, and so I'm not really sure where to go now :(

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Next week or so would be good, keep putting off BUDGET RANGE: Around £150 (Inc PnP, VAT, etc), could go higher if the price/performance is worth it, and it would give me extra months before wanting another upgrade. If suggested to upgrade other components at same time I would pay more if worth it in the long run.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Software development (including 3D accelerated applications), Gaming (mostly RTS and games like the X series, also FPS and racing), watching videos, occasionally transcoding video and audio in large amounts.

MSI AMD Radeon HD 5770 @875MHz (was running an over clock, but when I got the 1920x1080 display and made the 1600x900 a secondary monitor on extended desktop anything but stock seemed to become unstable...)

BeQuiet 600W Modular PSU (E7-CM-600W): has 2x6pin and 2x8pin PCI-e power connectors (not entirely sure how that works, since my understanding was PCIe+6pin+8pin = 300W, so two = 600W on a 600W PSU???)

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T @ 3.5GHz with Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Cooler
MB: Gigabyte 870A-UD3
RAM: 8GB (4x2GB) 1333MHz DDR3
Case: Antec 300
Hard drives: 6 3.5" (not a great deal of clearance between these and the 5770, and there's no spare bays to leave a gap, was going to replace the 500GB ones with a 2TB drive, but prices have not been great. Could perhaps move a drive into the spare 5.25 bay? Where can I get a bracket to do that)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: UK online retailers, best price including postage

PARTS PREFERENCES: None really, as long as the performance/price is there, and nothing really bad about the card (e.g. noise levels, reliability, etc.)

OVERCLOCKING: Yes (assuming this second monitor + stability issue is not going to be an issue again)
SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No (micro stutter seems to be an ongoing issue, so not sure really worth it)

Main monitor is 1920x1080
I have a second 1600x900 monitor, but due to it being 2 screens, and not the same I tend not to use in gaming. However stuff like supreme commander that does somthing useful with a second display (e.g. gives me a second independent view port) I do use it

Not entirely sure what to do with the old 5770. Perhaps keep it for the second display? Quiet would be good
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  1. A per the review i think you should go with 7870.
    When overcloked it can reach 7970 performance.
  2. So ok, from £150 to £270. I guess the question there is, will a £270 7870 now be a better deal over 3 years than £150 now, and £150 in 18months (i.e. does a 7870 have like a 99.9% chance of still working in 3 years, and will the performance still be "good")?
  3. I had an HD5770 and I just purchased the 7850. I didn't want to spend $300+ because I generally upgrade every few years anyway.

    The 7850 OCed (1050mhz from 860mhz reference) is running everything I have without breaking a sweat. Low power, low noise, a solid mid-range card. If you're ok with mid-range, then get the 7850.

    I personally couldn't wait for the GTX 6xx but if you can, they might cause prices to drop way down, and the 660 might be a better card all around anyway but, I couldn't wait any longer ;)
  4. Personally I would get this:

    (well this one is not very far like 7870 from your budget)


    But as the above says, maybe the price will drop after the rest of GTX 6xx is released!
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