Nvidia geforce 9400gt 2gb vs. radeon 6770 1gb

compare nvidia geforce 9400gt 2gb vs. radeon 6770 1gb
which one and by how much is that better from the other ??
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  1. 6770, its a newer card
    ram size doesnt really matter in those low end cards
  2. I have a 9400gt in my media machine and my bro uses a 6770 in his gaming machine. The 9400 is a great card for light graphics work in a low power computer, like a HTPC. It does not have the power to do heavy video games. It costs around $40.

    The 6770 is a fully capable video game GPU. It would be considered low to medium end but it is very powerful. It is around $120.

    In terms of video game FPS the 6770 would be about 4 times as fast, so if the 9400gt can get you 15 FPS I would think the 6770 could get you around 60.

    I did not run any newer benches on the 9400 but i can get around 3,500 in 3dmark 06 with a core 2 duo. The 6770 will get around 12,000.

    If you want to play games and need a powerful GPU the 6770 is the way to go. If you want a quite lower energy gpu for basic computer needs, like movies, and MS office, and dual display you can use the 9400gt.
  3. i already hve a 9400gt and i m gonna buy the 6770. so thanks ! :)
  4. The 6770 would make a great upgrade. You cant go wrong with that card.
    Look to see if you can get a 6850. They have been on sale and some times you can get one for only like $10 or $20 more.
  5. WOW ya a 5 gen old card vs 1/2 gen old card :/ Yes you already got you answer it would just be insanely better. Still not great for games and such but nite and day over the 9400.

  6. my 9400gt runs fifa 12 on high with a dual core... so is that really bad ?
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