I am building a new PC, (at the moment i have a 1st gen i7@ 1.6ghz with a nvidia 320) i would like advice, and I need to know if i need to buy any Molex Cables or SATA cables

I would like to connect the 3 Case fans (but am not sure if there enough ports) into the MOBO so they are controllable from system software.

If you think i can get a better performance machine or a more cost effective machine please tell me!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Get low profile ram like kingston hyperx.
  2. The mobo supports 3 case fans and two CPU fans.

    Better Hard Drive. Quadruple the cache size, double the storage. Only $20 more.

    If your going to overclock, you'l need an aftermarket CPU cooler and low profile RAM to accommodate the cooler. This is a good cheap CPU Cooler.

    Do you really need the Wireless card?

    You mobo is AM3+ while the CPU is AM3. They are compatible no doubt, but unless you intend to change the processor to an AM3+ later, might be able to save a bit of coin going down to an AM3 board.

    Other than that you'v done well for your budget.
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