CPU and Mobo computability question


I have this mobo

and the CPU I have is the AMD athlon X2 64 4400+
I want to upgrade to the Phenom x6, Is it possible because the X6 is AM3 socket type and My mobo is AM2
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  1. for the phemon x6 u need a am3 mobo u cant but am3 into a am2 socket
  2. That board is ancient, and you need at least an AM2+ socket to use an AM3 CPU in.

    What is your budget? It may be better to upgrade your motherboard AND CPU.

    Phenom II X6's are quite expensive nowadays and are VERY hard to find, it's better to stick with an X4 IMO.
  3. You have your answer on the page that you linked (CPU Support List).

    The answer is "no", by the way.

    You need at least an AM2+ board, but realistically, you should get an AM3/AM3+ board.
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