[New Build] Could somebody please look over my build (~$1500/gaming)

I know you guys get this a lot, but I would really appreciate it. I don't keep up to date with hardware, but after a few hours of newegg'ing I came up with this. How does it look? I'm up for suggestions. I want the whole thing to be less than $2000, but that includes two monitors and a set of speakers.

Some things to consider:

-I already have two drives (1TB and 1x500GB) so aside from the SSD, I don't really think I need another HD.
-I want this to include 2 monitors and a set of speakers. For the monitors, I'm a Samsung whore, but would gladly accept advice on other options. Same with the speakers
-Is my power supply large enough? Should I go modular?
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  1. Everything to me looks good minus a few changes I would suggest.

    First, do you plan on doing any overclocking, if so you might want to look into a better heatsink and fan than the stock intel one.

    Second, I would go with a different PSU, preferably something with 80 plus silver or up. PC Power and Cooling makes some good ones

    Its not modular which is a big draw back if you need one, but its very stable.
  2. Looks like a pretty good build over all. I would suggest a couple things though.

    -See if you want to overclock. If not you i5 3570K, but i5 3550. (the K means it's for OCing)

    -I would look into a different SSD, haven't heard great stuff about the OCZ, I would look at Mushkin or Crucial M4.

    -GTX 680 is way overkill. the GTX 670 is only 5% less power and is a $100 cheaper.

    -a cheaper but equally good board is the Asrock Extreme4 Z77.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I DO NOT plan on overclocking so that brings up a few questions I forgot to ask before.

    - Will the stock fan/heatsink be ok? Is there any reason to get different ones?

    - So there is no real difference between the 3550 and 3570 besides the ability to overclock?

    - Graphics card advice? The above poster brings up a good point. Is the extra $100 worth it for the GTX 680?

    - I want the best (fastest?) ram available. All the numbers confuse the *** out of me. What kind of ram should I get?

    - Can somebody please recommend me a good, modular power supply that will have enough watts for my build? Is there a downside to modular power supplies that I don't know about?

    - Lastly, I am willing to spend $150 on a case. Any suggestions, or is that price just plain overkill?

    Thanks again! It really means a lot.
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    -If you don't OC then your stock heatsink should be fine. And the only difference with the two CPU is the OC ability. so you want the i5 3550 since you don't want to OC.

    -I personally don't think 5% boost in performance is worth $100. You would never be able to tell the difference.

    -All RAM is pretty similar, would recommend CORSAIR Vengeance RAM. But thats just me.

    -Don't need modular imo if you get a case with good cable management. if you want to sli in the future would go with 750W, if not can do around 600W.

    -Case wise I would suggest the Corsair 500r. It has great cable management, awesome cooling, switch for LED, and has a 3 way controller for fan speed which is a nice plus.
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  6. Thanks again. That's a very nice case and I will definitely purchase it, along with the 3550 and the GTX 670.

    Thanks Hopz!
  7. No problem, hope you enjoy your build!!
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