Nvidia 8800 vs. quadro fx4600

My nvidia 8800 card crashed, I bought a quadro fx4600 as a replacement, will the quadro run games at the same level as the 8800 did?? What can I expect as far as performance from this card? Also could someone send me a link to the drivers for the new card (quadro fx4600)??? Please help! :)
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  1. quadro cards are meant for professionals. they are optimised for CAD (computer accelerated design) applications and other scientific stuff. you made a horrible choice by going from a consumer gamer card to a professional graphic design card
  2. Link for drivers: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/Download/indexsg.aspx?lang=en-uk

    How much did you pay for it? It should have similar performance to 8800 as it's based on same chip as 8800 GTX.
  3. I paid $50 for it. Thanks for the link! :) Just wanna make sure it will run Mass Effect and Crysis at the same level the 8800 did....
  4. $50 is good price, you couldn't have gotten anything better for it. It should play those games well!
  5. on that link I want the graphics, performance, or partner certified driver from the dropdown box???
  6. Graphics driver.
  7. Awesome, thanks so much for the help! Wish me luck! :)
  8. Alvine is correct. I have tried many times to get game cards to run CAD and CAD cards to run games and it just doesn't work. It doesn't matter if the boards run the same chip or not. It's the drivers that are optimized for the application.
  9. the listing where I purchased the card had it listed as an 8800 gtx, but in my device manager it lists it as an fx4600. It was only $50. It should still run games decently though right?
  10. So I've got 1 person saying it'll run those games well, and one person saying it doesn't work, and it's a horrible choice. Lol. I'm confused....
  11. You can flash the bios to make it a 8800GTX I remember back in the days these came out people flashing both ways as hardware wise they are the same or close the FX cards had more memory allot of the time... Not sure if there is good info or bioses to do these old cards out there anymore.

  12. Gotcha. I am not real tech savvy so flashing the bios makes me a little nervous, how difficult is that process? And where would I find info on it?
  13. I will look around for you just a sec.. Also is RMA ing the card for a real 8800GTX an option that is really the best option but if not I will still see what I can find.

  14. I don't know what RMA ing means. I have the old 8800 gtx 640 mb card still, and the quadro fx4600 is 756 mb I believe.
  15. The 8800GTX has 768 The 640 means you used to have an 8800 GTS they had a 320 and a 640 version and were not even close in performance to the 8800 GTX

    Ok here is the Bios download just get the one for your card still looking for instructions.

  16. Ok here it is I know a little scary and a bit risky too but for the 50 bucks not a big loss... Oh RMA is Return Manufacturing Autherazation a fancy way of saying send it back and get what you ordered LOL...


  17. DO NOT FLASH BIOS. You'll brick the card. Especially since you have no idea what you're doing.

    You already payed for the card. So dude, why don't you just try to see if it works?
  18. It sounds to me like somebody already flased the BIOS. Since you don't know who to believe why not just try it and find out for yourself, hmmm?
  19. I'm gonna dl drivers, and see how it performs. If it runs the games at a satisfactory level, great. If it doesn't and I have issues then I will look at returning it or flashing the bios. Yeah I had an 8800 gts 640 mb card. Sorry for the confusion. The new one is a 756mb quadro fx4600.
  20. so will the quadro 756mb fx4600 run games close to the level that the 8800 GTS 640 mb card did????
  21. Dude, nobody will give you a straight answer. I personally think it will, but you gotta try to make sure. Those cards aren't meant for gaming, so they aren't test on how they perform on games either.
  22. Gotcha, so there's no real reference work or testing to verify if it will or not. Thanks for all the help guys, I will dl the drivers for the quadro fx4600 and hopefully it'll run well. :)
  23. Wow after all this talking and asking questions you don't have an answer yet if you had just tried it from the start you would already have one. I mean you already bought the card so just TRY IT ALREADY!.
  24. Lol true, will do. I've had alot of issues with this computer so just really wanted to make sure I knew what to expect before I started working on this.
  25. Wasn't sure if it was worth installing and downloading drivers and giving it a shot or if I should just return it right away.....
  26. Are you serious? Trying it takes 30 minutes. Go on, return it, if you think that's too much.
  27. I don't have the internet at home so it involves going to someone elses house and downloading the drivers, and then going home and installing them. Thanks for being a dick though
  28. LOL Right never understood people being mean in forums.. It can game as it is here is a video on someone gaming on it


    Also this discusion not a lot of info out there...


    I would recomend a little overclock if you are going to keep it.

  29. Sorry, just really frustrated with all these computer issues. The firewall here at work won't let me open that youtube attachment. Is it running Crysis at a decent quality?
  30. Yes, at 40 fps @ high-max settings.
  31. Awesome, how do I change the fps settings in the game? or is that a setting I change on the graphic card itself?
  32. And how exactly do I go about overclocking something? or is it a long detailed process?
  33. fps isn't a setting. It's "Frames per second", that's how graphics card performance is measured.

    To overclock, you need to download EVGA precision or MSI afterburner, and then move the sliders to increase GPU's frequency.
  34. So the computer will just automatically run the game at whatever fps the graphic card allows it to?
  35. That is correct it will give you as many as it can that is why faster cards give you more FPS, FPS is a result not a setting.

  36. Got it. And how do you measure that. I mean how would I know what mine is running at as far as fps goes? last question I promise. :) Lol
  37. Ask all the questions you want how we all learned that and jumping in with both feet :) Well there is a program called Fraps that will tell you and also allot of games have this feature built in if you can figure out how to turn it on but fraps is the easy way it will tell you your max min and average.

  38. Awesome, so there is hope that I can still run games at a high quality with the quadro fx4600! Thanks so much everyone I really appreciate the help! Even you Sunius.
  39. LOL Good luck It will game a tad little on the old side I have a 8800 GTX on my shelf those things were just to hot. Mine go to hot to touch Was a Monster 6 years ago though.

  40. Well the one I had in there originally was a 8800 gts 640 mb, so how will this quadro fx4600 768 (I think that's the right mb) compare to the 8800 gts??? Because that's what I'm use to.
  41. Honestly I don't have an exact answer for this one It is a 8800 gtx core so should be a good 30% faster but since it is the Quadro variant it could be better or worse really you will have to tell me what you get...

  42. Ok, hopefully I will be able to test it out tomorrow and I will try and remember to update you and let you know how it does.
  43. Installed the drivers for the quadro, in device manager under device status it's saying windows stopped this device because it has reported problems, error code 43. What now? Lol
  44. Try performance driver then! I suppose you installed graphics driver? Also make sure that the card is firmly seated inside your PCIe slot.

    Also, are you connecting your monitor to the graphics card and not the motherboard?
  45. I installed the graphics driver. The card is very firmly seated, I've checked that a few times. And the monitor is connected directly to the graphics card. I can download the performance driver from that same nvidia website?
  46. hey, just download latest 8800 gts driver and run it...

    geforce drivers run on both type of cards(unlike quadro drivers)

    So, there will not be any problem if you'll just download and install geforce driver...

    It'll be like 8800 GTS

    (in quadro drivers section - performance drivers are those, which are proven to be good enough, when graphics drivers are freshest quadro drivers, or there's something similar thing.

    And actually, performance and graphics drivers are the same drivers)
  47. I want the 8800 gts or 8800 gtx driver?
  48. 8800 gtx
  49. Ok, maybe I will try downloading the 8800 gtx drivers, won't that cause a conflict though since the device manager recognizes it was a quadro fx4600?
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