Thinking About A new Build

Hi Guys¡¡ I'm upgrading my gaming computer an my first thoughts were about buying a new GPU (Gtx 680 to be exact),
however seeing that the price in my country was really high a new idea came to my mind, maybe a whole new build
would be a better idea, of course, sacrificing that Brutal GPU And recycling some components

--My CURRENT build consists in:

Gigabyte EP43T - USB3 Mobo
Intel Q9400 2.66 Ghz CPU
8gb DDR3 1333Mhz Ram
AND GTX 680( if i decide to go for the GPU)

--If i Decide to go for the New Build(for some extra money)( sacrificing GTX 680)

Asus Maximus Iv Gene-z/gen3 Intel Z68 Lga 1155
Intel Core I5 2500K
8gb DDR3 Kingston (recycled)
Corsair Gaming edition 700w
Some $200 - $250 Video Card, maybe a 7850

What would be better talking about Gaming?
Sticking with my old CPU and Mobo? or Moving to a new gaming build at the price of The Gtx 680?
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  1. Hmm... your build isn't that bad. What kind of Power Supply do you have with your current build. You might have to upgrade to support a GTX 680.

    I say keep your build, it's fine. That way, you can slowly upgrade your components and you have a 680 :)
  2. I say the new and crossfire the 7850 down the road some time
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