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sound blaster live value and I/O optical add-on

Last response: in Components
June 19, 2001 3:13:09 PM

I have a sound blaster live value, and was thinking of adding an optical I/O add-on card (either sound blaster's or Hoontech's.)

The reason, I want to have a 5.1 DD/DTS home theater system. I am gonna get a DD/DTS reciver to handle the decoding.

My question is does the reciever that is DD/DTS enabled need anything else than optical/SPDIF/coaxial from my live value add-on card? Is there any other type of decoding that needs to be done on the card itself before it gets passed down to the reciver through the optical for a DD/DTS experience?
Lastly, does each optical out only carry info for two speakers, or do I just need one optical out from sound card to the reciver for all the functionality (I know, I know, a very newbie question :) 

Also, what are your thoughts on the Hoontech SB I/O III card?

Thanks alot.
June 21, 2001 9:58:39 PM

To anwser you first question, you only need one digital connection to get the Digital experience and the I/O card should send all signals to the recever, bypassing the Sound card all together. I have looked in to the Hoontech add on and besides being much cheaper that the one form Creative, it has won several good reviews. I would like to have it but it is not in the budget at this time. I currnetly use the AIW Radeon for DVD digital output and it works very well into my Teac AG-D9320 Dolby Digital DTS receiver and I would highly recommend both. you can buy the Receiver at for only $349 and the AIW Radeon at for $200.

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