Need help getting PSU (UK)

Hi I'm in desperate need of a new PSU at around 10-30.00

I have the following:

Ati radeon 4850 (512mb)
Intel duo core CPU e8400 @ 3.0 -
6GB Ram

At the moment I think I'm currently using a 500w power supply but the make is rubbish, and I doubt it's 500 watt being given. I think a 300-400 watt PSU will suffice but 400-500 would give me headroom for any future upgrades as I'm looking for an Ati radeon 6xxx series and a Quad core CPU upgrade maybe next year..

Can anybody suggest a PSU in the uk? Thanks.
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  1. Anything from a reliable name will do.
  2. samuelspark said:
    Anything from a reliable name will do.

    I don't know any good makes=\ and what Wattage I should go for
  3. At £30 you aren't going to get a huge amount, but then you don't need much in the way of wattage. Here's a few options from (being a little flexible with price)

    450W Antec - £30.54

    430W Corsair - £36.52

    Both of those are pretty reasonable. Corsair PSUs are really highly rated but that one is pretty bottom of the range.

    Also spotted this
    450W Powercool - £31.90
    If you fancy a modular PSU, that seems like a decent price. Used a Powercool before in a budget build and had no complaints.

    Bottom line is what samuelspark said though, more or less anything will work.
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