What is the current difference between all refrence 680's ?

hey mates,

im going to buy a 680 gtx and am wondering whats the difference between all reference cards?

i mean how does it work, does nvidia make all the PCB's, ship them to the different companys and they stick their branded
cooler on the board or do the companies make the PCB's themselfs?

in either from what ive seen all current 680's have same core clock and all the rest of the specs, so what the difference between them all?

is an asus reference better than lets say a less popular brand as PNY or Gainward ??

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  1. they are all the same, they migh differ by warranty being provided, accesories, bundled games
    refference cards uses stock design provided by nvidia at launch, soon enough each company will come out with their own version of the 680 with difference coolers, little higher clock rates

    heres galaxy 680 for example
  2. ok thanks, so even non reference cards, the PCB's are from nvidia, but they are tweaked at the companys labs and soled with new coolers on them ?

    how long would u say it will be before the non reference cards hit the stores ?
  3. The processor itself, not the PCB is supplied by Nvidia. And just like CPU mfgr. they will 'bin' the chips when fabricatd to determine which are likely to exceed design expectations. Natch, the better rated chips are more expensive and video card mfgrs will order them according to rating and build different speeds of video cards as well as adding fans, better heat sink, voltage regulators and everything that goes into a video card.
    Then like alvine sez, warranties etc.
  4. All the same different stickers...warranty differ of course
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