1) my pc is doing weird things. every time extract a rar file , the output is corrupted. not even a

single rar or any archive has been successfully extracted. on other pcs these file are normally

extracted without any error.

2) my windows is also having problems every browser like chrome or firefox was crashing. i have booted

my pc 5 time with full hd format. first 2 times the windows was successfully installed but the problem

remains, and now i cant boot my pc . it says some file is missing please re install the window. that

disk from which i am booting is running smoothly on other pcs. pc is also restarting itself

please help , i can't figure out whats the problem.. :(
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  1. which file is "missing" ?
  2. every time i boot, its a different file...
  3. then format the hard drive and reinstall windows .

    if that wont work then your hard drive may have failed
  4. i have installed xp on the hard drive... its working but the crashing, corrupt files after extract n automatic restart remains the same...
  5. and i have formatted n re installed the windows many times but the problem remains the same..
  6. what are the archives you are trying to extract?
  7. some software , n some of my backup files which i've archived ....
  8. problem solved.... i have 2gb x 2 ram... so after removing one all the errors were gone... :)
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