New Laptop problem (First boot each time)

Hello TomsHardware,

Not sure where to put this, because I think it could be caused by a whole host of problems. (Maybe hard drive or CPU I don't know I'm so lost.)

So I bought an Acer laptop and I'm having some problems with the System preparation tool and the system does not seem to be working like it should. This is what is happening,

System preparation tool is appearing each time the PC is rebooted therefore, each time I reboot the system it says that it's booting up for the first time even though the PC has been used for the past 12 hours.

Also when I log off the system will not let me log-on again it says 'Your account has been disabled, please contact administrator' well I am the administrator of this machine and nobody else has had access.

The only way I can access the machine is by holding down the power button for 5 seconds and rebooting that way and then going through the motions or preparing for the first boot. This is the only way I can use the system, there is no reason for the PC to say it's the first boot each time though. Why does the laptop keep thinking it's never been used?


Cain :P
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Cain i would return it.

    Yeah, sounds like a good call. I will give Acer a few days to reply and if not then I will send it back. Thanks for the suggestion (:
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