I7 2600k freezing (win7 64)

Hi everybody,
I have a dual-boot machine (Win 7 64bit and OSX Lion) and I've been having some freezing issues. Most frequently, I can boot up, start running a game, and then it freezes about 15 minutes in.

I have the i7 2600k overclocked to about 4.3Mhz. I have my RAM overclocked as well, but I tried changing that back to auto and it actually froze even sooner (in the login process). *sidenote: one problem with the ram settings is that I don't know the exact timings (can't find them listed ANYWHERE) so I sort of have to guess.*

I've also had a few KPs on the mac side, but I think I tracked them down to issues with the USB ports, and I don't have anything in those now.

1) Are the freezings KPs on the Windows side?
2) Is there any sort of log I can look at to see what is going on?
3) Any thoughts on what could be causing this? This is a really conservative overclock, and the one recommended by Gigabyte at that.
4) I'm not getting the BSOD--could it still be the SSD?

Win SSD: Kingston HyperX 3k
Mac SSD: Samsung 830
Graphics: EVGA GTX 570
RAM: G SKill Ares 2x8gb DDR3 1600 PC3 12800
Apple USB keyboard.

I also have a firewire audio interface (saffire pro 40) connected.

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  1. return everything to stock speed , voltage and timings

    do you still have a problem?
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply!
    It's funny, that was actually my plan, but the freezes seem to come in groups and then disappear for a while. I pushed it decently hard with the cpu still OCed for the last few days, and it has yet to show any instability. I guess I should wait until it happens again, and THEN return to stock, just to make sure?
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