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I'm about to by a new CPU, motherboard and RAM. I'm wondering whether I should choose the fx-8120 (160€) and asrock 970 extreme4 (109€)
or go with intel i5 3570k (239€) and asrock z77 extreme4(159€). I don't have money coming out of my ears.
There isn't really a big difference between the i5 2500k and fx-8150 (basically a stock clocked 8120) from the benchmarks I've seen. I'm not afraid of overclocking either.

I currently own a 7870 (planning crossfire later)
corsair vengeance LP 1600mhz 2x4gb
silverstone 750w 80+ silver

I would like some opinons and help. Thanks.
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  1. fx-8150 is a stock clocked fx-8120....? HUH?

    The i5 is much faster at just about everything over 8150.

    They are not even in the same price range so not sure why your choosing between those two.
  2. Beware benchmarks, the 2500k will handily out perform the 8150 in games, what you see is most likely a gpu bottleneck, which does not show any difference in cpu performance.

    If your just gaming, get the 2500k. If you overclock it to 4.2-4.6, you wont need another chip for years. 2500k OC's better than the 3570k, just so you know.
  3. 3570 is faster clock for clock and more efficient. So you don't have to overclock it as much. A 4.2 3570 is as fast as a 4.5 2500 while using less power.
  4. sorry if that came out unclear, what I ment was that the 8150 are the better chips and the 8120 chips are the ones that weren't enough for a 8150.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kd4dvLJQP4 they are the same...?

    I'm wonder whether it is worth putting an extra 100€.
  5. A gaming machine that you are planning to Crossfire? i5-3570k or i5-2500k are much better options. The FX-81xx aren't well suited for gaming, they'll certainly game but their main strength comes from apps that use more than 4 threads (and even then their performance is sometimes spotty...). Games aren't there yet, and won't be for a while. I'd get a 3570k especially because you plan to Crossfire. It'd be worth it to me but whether it's worth it to you is relative to you and your situation.
  6. Alright, I guess I'll have to spend alittle more then. Thanks for the advices.
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