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Today i just got done rebuilding my computer after a lightning strike. I got everything hooked up properly and when i connect the monitor to the graphics card and it said there wa No Input. I thought maybe the monitor got damaged when the lightning struck so i plugged in an old monitor and it did the same thing. Thinking it was possibly the graphics card i took it out and connected the monitor to the onboard graphics card on the mobo and it said the same thing. this is the motherboard
The graphics cared i have is a Nvidia gtx 460

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
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  1. Lightning strikes could take out/damage a lot of things. It could be that slot on the motherboard or it could be the power for the motherboard.
  2. The motherboard is brand new. I got it about 4 days ago. The lightning strike happened about 2 weeks ago
  3. Well then you need to test each part on another machine to make sure they work. Are you sure the power supply works correctly?
  4. I just went and checked and yes the power supply works correctly. I did just notice that the led light in my mouse that will always come on when it is plugged in didn't turn on. Could it be the back slots on the mobo are no good?
  5. With a lightning strike who knows what all could have been damaged. The only thing you can do is test out each piece and if it doesn't work you replace it. Lightning strikes also can make stuff wear out a lot faster after it.
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