How to disconnect my computer from work server if i am not the administrator

I have been fired from my position and my computer is still set up on work server but my administrator rights have been removed. i am unable to download programs and my wireless is now not working. was told i need to have the administrator pass word to fix this problem, but i am locked out of my computer. The company(which is my exs) doesn't really care and will not help me with this.
If i reset my computer to store settings or a date prior to be set up on server, will I solve this issue? Will i lose my personal emails that got setup after that time or any of my programs that were installed at various times. HELP, i feel so helpless without a computer

Thanks for your input
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  1. You may have to use a bootable program like UBCD4Win or something...burn the image, and boot from that. There are password fix/reset options in those programs. You can find UBCD4Win on any reasonable torrent search.

    Good luck!
  2. Personal E-mail? Downloaded programs? On a network computer?
    Maybe there's a reason you got cut-off!
    Good luck in your next line of work...
  3. I gots ta know! Did you take their computer as a "parting gift"?
  4. DXRick said:
    I gots ta know! Did you take their computer as a "parting gift"?

    No, its my computor, going through divorce, husband locked me out of our company in every manner!
  5.'re very unlikely to find someone here to help you break into a computer. While I feel for your story, if it's true, we have no way to verify it, so we could just as well be helping you do something illegal.

    Please take your plight to a popular search engine...there are definitely ways to get around the restriction, but we are not going to be the ones to help.
  6. I understand....., my IT guy , who serviced our company, won"t even respond(I have staff keeping me informed! due to my husband letting him know, he pays the bills!!!) . I think I asked some straight forward questions, not about 'breaking in' but about what would happen about some answers?

    and. what are these popular search engines that you talk about?
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