Cheap Silent PSU required! (UK BASED)

Guys before i get shot down in flames I appreciate a quality PSU and cheap rarely go hand in hand, im not a gamer in anyway and the PSU will power an athlon II X4 620 1xSSD drive 2XSata Drives and an ATI4670 GPU used mainly for general surfing usenet and watching movies,
Key Considerations being Price and Silent as possible
Couple that caught my eye

I appreciate the general rule will be something like corsair but anyone recomend one on a budget?
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  1. Hi,

    Just for the record Cheap PSU = time bomb for you computer.

    Unless you don't care about it, I would advise against a cheap PSU since you have ssd ans such
  2. hmm found an antec 350w for around £30 am i right in saying a good 350 will be better than cheap 500w?
  3. All the power supplies you listed are complete garbage. None of them even have a basic 80+ rating for efficiency and probably have no power protections either. They also probably only have a 1yr warranty. A good 80+ psu will have at least a 3yr warranty.

    Yes a good 350 like antec is better than a cheap 500.

    I recommend a Antec 350/380 or Corsair 430, or something at least 80+ rated.

    The Antec 380 is the most efficient of the two.

    None of them are going to be completely silent, but if you can hear them over your video card, then the video card fan probably isn't spinning.
  4. cheers man quite a few bad reviews of those 2 in terms of quality and sound though? the CTI one had a lot more positive feedback? ill keep looking though :-)
  5. regarding video card my 4670 is passive cooled :-) hense why im trying to get quiet PSU also
  6. Well if all the sudden you feel like spending more take a look at the SeaSonic X series SS-400FL.

    Its passively cooled so other than cost it may fit with your silent PC concept.
  7. nice find mate, but yeah cost is offputting :-)
  8. Bad reviews??

    The OCZ one you picked is much better than the others your considering, however I'd take the Antec 380 over that anyday! The Antec is 80+ bronze rated.

    I don't get why people who play games need a silent psu, I mean your video card fan and your speakers are going to block any noise you could possibly hear.
  9. i dont play games and my video card is fanless, my pc is rigged to a plasma in the bedroom we use for watching movies etc.. and ideally leave on overnight to download but if its noisy then not ideal hense looking for as quiet as possible
  10. thanks for all the replies in the end went for the antec 380! cheers
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