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Hello i own a very latest machine where i have fan controller with some fans on and some cathodes for design... I have a corsair tx 850 but im facing a strange problem... When i switch on the psu all the mobo leds are ok.. I press the button to power up the pc... Everything starts normally it will post and it will boot but the fans and the cathodes wont power up... My fan controller is lighten up but the rpm on every channel is on 0. Then i shut down the pc because i dont want it to become overheated.. I open the one side of the case i check the wires i just move them a little bit and boom everything works perfect...

I was wondering if there is static electrism that affects something
Or if any short circuit exists...

Any ides?
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  1. It really sounds like a loose wire/power connection associated with your fan controller. Have you tried switching your fan controller to a different power connector?
  2. nop to be honest... the thing is not only the fan controller... but also the cathodes... i think they are all on the same rail..
  3. Try some different power connectors to see if that helps. Also, if you have a modular PSU, make sure the connectors are firmly attached to the PSU as well.
  4. The switch IO for the cathodes was making some tricks... So i had to push a little bit further the connectors to be fully in
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