7850 vs 7870 - which to buy?

Hey guys, I was just wondering which would be a better bang for my buck. I know the 7870 is better, but is it really worth the 100$ difference in price? Right now I'm leaning towards the 7850 due to price, but I'm not sure.
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  1. I would agree with you. I think the 7850 is a better bang for the buck for sure> If it were only a $50 difference than the decision may be tougher but $100 for what amounts to 10% performance upgrade seems too much. It might be better to wait and see what the O/C potential is for both cards as well before deciding?!
  2. The 7850 is the much better card for its price. It OCs really well since it has lower stock clocks.

    the 7870 will give you better performance if you need the extra performance tho.
  3. 7850is better
  4. If You Could Overclock It (7850) Around 25 - 30% You Could Potentially Hit Very Close To The Performance Level Of The Higher Tier Card (7870)
  5. the OC'ed 7850 can hit performance quite a bit higher than the stock 7870, close to the 7950 but the 7870 can OC almost to 7970 performance
  6. i am looking at one of those (7850) i have 6850 and can buy one or should i just get the 7870 or 7850 enough i am talking about getting bf3 on ultra
  7. you probably want a 7870 for bf3 on ultra.
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