HP Pavilion p6320y graphics upgrade

Hello i own a HP Pavilion p6320y and i'm not sure if my desktop's graphics card can be

upgraded to a actual decent graphics card.

Would a GTX 550 Ti 1gb Be able to fit in my PC?

If not what would be a recommended graphics card to buy for my PC?

I've tried searching a bit but can't really find much about it.
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  1. Bump... still trying to search up info on my PC but i'm still stuck on what video card trying to get.
  2. Not Enough Info, you want an upgrade from a AMD Phenom II X4 820 / 2.8 GHz and NVIDIA GeForce 9100? Whats ur PSU
  3. well it has a integrated video card which is the 9100 but it has a slot for adding a new
    Video Card. But i'm not sure if a normal Video card will fit.
    PSU is i believe 300W Also thats the processor that it has the AMD Phenom.
    But i'm not good with these type of things which is why i decided to ask here.
    Need help trying to figure out what should be replaced or i i can just add a Decent Video card that'll fit.
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