Comp slow, buggy after shutoff for about a week

My comp usually runs 24/7 but I shut it down for a week or so since I wasn't going to be home much. Trying to help it last longer, I guess. Anyway, when I started it back up XP took 20-30 mins to boot up (it's a little faster now), opening a program takes 1-2 mins sometimes, transferring photos from a card reader takes way longer than it used to (but going from reader to usb is fast), and running two programs (i.e. firefox and iTunes) causes them to run much slower and the music/video skips and hangs (very annoying) and pages take minutes to load.

So the question is, where is the problem? HDD? CPU? RAM? MOBO?

AMD X2 dual core (temps are OK but core2 is a little warmer by about 10-15F)
Seagate 500gb HDD 7200rpm (X2) (temps are good, don't know about spin rpm)
2gb DDR2 RAM
Gigabyte GA-78 MoBo

I ran seatools(DOS) on my main drive, fixed a few errors but didn't help speed at all.

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  1. run maleware bytes and ccleaner? if a problem only happens after a restart i assume a registry problem which may or may not have to do with a virus. Malware bytes kills viruses and ccleaner has a registry repair. Run them in that order. You can get them both from cnet. Hope this helps :) God bless
  2. Forgot to add, when the comp freezes the HDD busy light stays very dimly lit (no flicker) then after several seconds will go back to a bright blink...
    Have ran several scans, MBAM, AVG, nothing came up. Don't think it's a virus issue. Will try again just to see...
  3. +1 for Malwarebytes, a defrag, and system cleanup.
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