GTX 670 + 690 on the same motherboard for different purposes?

Hi guys this is my first post as im used to solving my problems by just looking at other people asking them but this seems un-answered!

What I want to know is will I be able to run a GTX 670 and GTX 690 on the same motherboard and will it work, and what problems may occur. The reason for that is because I want 3+1 monitor (1080p) set up in the corner of my room for the GTX 690 which will be used for video editing + 3 monitor gaming. Then i have a 50" plasma in a different area of the room (maybe 3d) to power with the GTX 670 for Gaming/blu ray/ HD movies. I was originally thinking about building 2 computers (one for the 3+1 and the other for the 50"). If I can combine the two different GPUs on one board it will save me alot of money (and space) But i also want to know will this be practical?

The set up will be:
i7 3930k
Asus x79 sabertooth
at least 32GB 1600Mhz RAM (video editing)
Corsair HX 1050w
Corsair 650D
Corsair H100 or custom loop (depends on the money I have)

I need to know ASAP as I need to buy these parts soon. Any feedback is welcome :)
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  1. gtx 670 to play movies?
  2. Ohh damnn I meant to say the GTX 670 for gaming on one 1080p + Blu ray and HD movies etc...
  3. I'm wondering if you could just avoid the second card all together by cloning the center monitor to the TV. I have no experience with Nvidia surround, though. Anyone else with surround have a thought on this?

    I suppose there might also be a problem if the plasma TV is a different resolution than the monitors.
  4. Hmm It wouldn't really work because my 3+1 monitors are 21.5" 1080p and just fit in the corner I have them so the 50" wouldn't fit itself in the space. But the main reason I want a 50" is to just lay in bed once i finished editing/browsing the internet. So i would likely be using wireless mouse/keyboard and xbox controller for the PC.
  5. I think you misunderstood. Or I am misunderstanding you. Let me try to clarify: I believe you can have your surround setup and a 50" plasma hooked up without needing a second card. You can "clone" a display to a different display. They would both show the same thing. If you were able to clone the center monitors image to the TV, you would not need a second graphics card. Might be your only option because I don't think a two card config like what you want will work, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
  6. Ohh I get what you mean now. If I have already 4 monitors (3xDVI and 1xdisplay port) how would I connect it to the 50" ?
    That sound like a better Idea altogether!
  7. Ah yes all four outputs will be taken up. Well they make splitters. Could split your center monitor to the TV.
  8. Just make sure you buy a 1080p TV to avoid resolution issues.
  9. Okay and all my monitors are 1080p LED backlit Asus and the 50" plasma will be 1080p aswell. The plasma with 3D is an extra £50 which sounds worth it to me but do i need special glasses for it? it comes with a free pair of active glasses just wondering will they support the games in 3D aswell? Im not sure whether 3D games will be different compared to normal TV 3D.

    Back to the point though I would only have the 4 monitors on or the 1 50" on at a time. Is there a switch I can get rather than a splitter? and will there be any quality loss by splitting/switching bearing in mind also the computer to 50" plasma is 3 or 4 metres apart where as the computer to 4 monitors are 1 metre.
  10. Not 100% sure as I don't do 3D, but I think at 1080p you would be limited to 24hz (or 24 frames per second) which is pretty unacceptable for gaming. Looks like 720p is at 60hz though. But 720p is pretty crappy. Especially on a 50" screen.

    If anyone that does 3D could confirm or deny this?
  11. Also, not sure about a switch. Makes sense that such a thing would exist. You could always just turn off your monitors when you use the TV.
  12. Great! thanks just read through that forum about 24FPS for gaming. Well i guess for an extra £50 its worth a shot just for the films and I can always play games in 720p just for a 3D experience.

    Iv'e just been looking at KVM switches for DVI and they are very expensive where as the splitters arn't. But do splitters lose any quality at all because that's also a important factor. Also If im really far away from my computer desk when using the 50" then il need to have a wireless keyboard and mouse and my main keyboard/mouse is wired (razer) so it seems that a KVM switch is a must unless there are other ways. If not then i should just unplug the mouse + keyboard and plug the wireless in by myself everytime I want to switch over.
  13. I don't think quality loss will be a problem with a splitter, but again I've never used one so I can't say firsthand. Look some up on Amazon or Newegg and read the reviews to see.

    And I'm not sure why you would have to unplug your wired keyboard and mouse to use a wireless one.

    I use this on my HTPC:

    Works great as an "All-in-one" keyboard mouse combo. Even has an on/off switch in the back if you were worried about it interfering with your wired keyboard/mouse. There's no reason to have to unplug your wired ones to use the wireless one. Unless you are short on USB ports or something.
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