4850 CF worth upgrading ?

Hi all

I'm currently wielding 2 4850 witch i'm still very pleased with. They play all (almost) with full eye-candy enabled at 1680x1050. I'm not changing monitor currently. But i have an itch. And i'm itching for a 7850 or even a 7850 CF. My board doesn't support SLI, so CF is the way to go. I'm think of buying one now and one later.

Would i notice any difference ? Or it is just burning money ? I have a X4 955 Currently that i'm not upgrading soon.
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  1. You would probably not see much performance, if any, from going to a 7850. You would see better noise/temps, and make sure you get a non-reference board. A 7850 CF would blow your current setup out of the water :)
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    It probably wouldn't be much of a difference if you upgraded, since that setup is still a force to be reckoned with, and if you are keeping that monitor, those cards would be perfect.
  3. I'll keep my 4850 CF then. Waiting for heavier games.......
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