GTX295 SLi VS GTX680 smackdown!

I was 1 of few GTX295 People that held on for a real upgrade and the GTX680 was well worth the wait. My wattage used while playing games is way… down and my FPS are way…. Up
Plus QuadSLi drivers suck. Tri and Quad SLi shouldn't be supported, it’s a joke. Benchmarks only and still think they shouldn't release support! Because games like SWTOR and WoW just take a hit so bad its worse FPS than having 1 GPU.

Anyways enough blah blah blah, heres the Benchmarks

Intel i7 2600k @ 5Ghz (100x50) 1.5v
Maximus Extreme IV P67 B3
Gskill DDR3 2200Mhz Cas7 (2133Mhz)
1000Watt SilverStone PSU (ST-1000)

using a custom koolance waterblocked CPU with a 480rad setup

All videocards are at Factory clock
Video drivers used were the 301.10

3dmark Vantage
P20203 3DMarks
World of Warcraft 1920x1080
82FPS Ultra DX9 AF8x AA16x

GTX295 SLi
3dmark Vantage
P31689 3Dmarks
World of Warcraft 1920x1080
94FPS Ultra DX9 AF8x AA16x

3dmark Vantage
P37069 3Dmarks
World of Warcraft 1920x1080
141FPS Ultra DX11 AF8x AA16x

I can't wait till the drivers get better for the GTX680 too, soon as koolance releases some waterblocks, im going to pick up 1 more card and to blocks and not upgrade again for awhile. hm... maybe another 2-3years.
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  1. LoL man, i wanted that comparison... Great for you and complete!
    Thanks you :)

    P/S: still cant believe its better than 2x295 :P
  2. how can i compare one using DX 11 and other using DX9 this test should be done with DX9 in the 680, since it is much less demanding than dx11...
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