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Hello ppl ,i hava a question, idont know what i supose i have to do.

I have the money to buy a EVGA 560 ti ds sc ftw, or Wait for the Nvidia new gpus ?

I hope your anwers and understand my bad english.
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  1. The 560ti is a good buy for the current price. I don't see much reason to be waiting.
  2. to clarify, as far as i've understood it, the other Kepler cards are a ways out still with no firm release information. as Esrever mentioned, the recent price drops have made this card a very good buy.
  3. Wait. 7850 == 570 for $250... nVidia will price 660 below 7850 to sell more... Waiting = GTX 570 Performance for <$250.
  4. You can buy a MSI Twin Frozr HD7850 that performs on par with a GTX570 and even better like a GTX 580 when the card HD7850 is overclocked. it is about 269.99usd
  5. wait until 7850 200-220$
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    At less than the top end, price/performance is very competitive.
    If you need a new card now, shop well, and go ahead. If you are upgrading, make it a big jump, or you may be disappointed.

    Whenever the new tech midrange cards do arrive, the sellers will have little incentive to slash prices, and will sell them at what the customer is willing to pay, just like now.
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