How do I know a graphics cards is compatible to my motherboard?

Hello, im a first time builder. I've got as far as choosing which gcards to roll with. I've done the research and ordered my Case, PSU, Motherboard, CPU, and RAM. Now my ploblem is I dnt know what to look for to know if a graphics cards can be compatible or not. I believe its something to do with the chipset but im still at ah trying to learn tha computer component language. If you could explain what I should be looking for I would sure appreciate the help.
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  1. the graphics card goes in the pci express slot. if you have a pci express slot on your motherboard, any gpu will work.
  2. just make sure the card is pci express and the mobo has a pci express slot.
  3. Good info, ill check that out
  4. I've checked out newegg how to build vids but not to much info on compatabilty know hows
  5. they are all compatible.
  6. So PCIe Gen3 means mobo is a go for whichever ill choose
  7. As long as the motherboard has a pci-e slot it will work. Even if the card is newer and has a pci-e 3.0 connector you can still use it in the 2.0 or 1.0 (dear god lol) but it will not perform as well. Also keep in mind that you will need adequate power from your power supply unit and the correct connectors.
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