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A processor with a gfx

I want a processor and a new gfx, i currently have
dual core e2210 2.20 ghz
gfx nvidia 7100
I go on sites and they usually tell me that my gfx is the problem not really the processor, so please keep GFX as the proiority

Budget : $50 - $80
Uses : mw3, black ops, other new games (2010 - 2011, or even 2012 games)
either ati or nvidia
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  1. It's really both. :(

    What resolution you trying to play at? 80$ won't get you much, but it will be at least better than that 7100.
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    The HD 6670 is the best video card you can get for that budget.

    See following for some benchmarks. Note that the test rig uses a Core i7-920 @ 3.8GHz.
  3. ^+1 for both of the obove.
    I would just up grade your graphic card (GPU) then you can save up for a new rig. Here is a couple of links for your choice of GPU cards. Good luck to you and I hope eveything works out for you.

    this is the one that I recomend.

    And this is all of them incase you want to choose.
  4. my resolution right now is 640 x 840 with nvidia 7100
  5. I also wanted to know that will the ram change?
    Because right now i have 2gb
    i saw onlne after installing this it'll be 1780 mb (1.78gb)
  6. bullseyex99x said:
    I also wanted to know that will the ram change?
    Because right now i have 2gb
    i saw onlne after installing this it'll be 1780 mb (1.78gb)

    If your OS is a 32bit system then you could go either one more gig or two gigs. The 32bit system will not recognize any more then 3.5 gigs. But if your OS is 64bit then you could get a lot more than 4gigs.

    Your budget of $80.00 is not going to get you a new CPU and a GPU. It will get you the 6670. But a 4 core CPU is going to run about $70.00 and the other problem is will your MOBO allow the up grade.

    You might have to up grade your MOBO to get a better CPU. Then there is the PSU will it be enough for all the up grades. So by the time you do all this up grading you might just want to build your self a PC.

    But for now the HD 6670 is the way to go. It will work good on some games and others it won't because of your CPU. I do wish you good luck and I hope everythings works out for you.

    the 4 core CPU from AMD =
  7. mine is x64 and win 7, it has the latest software but not hardwares
  8. Ok then you could add some ram about 4 to 6 gigs wouldn't hurt. You should be able to play most of those gamed with the 6670 and 2 more gigs of the same ram should hold you over untill you can buy a new rig. Good luck
  9. whats the price to add more ram? since i have 2 i'll add 2-4 more. but whats the price
  10. ^^ Yes I agree with Sunius after serching for better pricing. The newegg has the lowest prices for the DDR 2 which btw is what your MOBO is compatible with. These prices are low compaired from a few years ago.
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