Limiting bandwidth in network?

So my roommates like to drain the entire 6MB connection when I play Xbox live and I was wondering if there is any kind of software that can be turned on and off when I want to play with a set amount of bandwidth. I've gotten to the point where I might just order a dedicated line for myself so they can download their crap without me jump kicking them for lagging me out every 10 mins.

I don't really mind it when I'm just browsing, but with any competitive online game it has to be near flawless on my end. And a 6MB connection is more than plenty. If it could be split up three ways to where we all have a set 2MB, that would be awesome. We're all on a wired network and I'm using a seperate router for the Xbox. Any suggestions?
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  1. Search the forum, this has been covered several times.
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