Laptop screen turns black and becomes unresponsive.

I have had my laptop for 3 years, and recently, it has picked up a nasty habit of just deciding to black out on me and go unresponsive. It's generally happening when I move it. It's a Samsung Model# R580/ R590, BIOS Phoenix Secure Core(tm) NB version 10JB.M043.20100524.hkk GPU NVidia GeForce 310M Processor is a Intel i3 M330 @ 2.13 GHz 4 gigs of ram Running Windows 7 64Bit operating system. I recently had an SSD 120 gig installed in it. It began happening a week or 2 after the installation of that. Also, my Flash Player keeps crashing on youtube, and Microsoft Silverlight keeps crashing. Let me know if you need more information.
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  1. use an external monitor and clone your desktop so that you running both identical at the same tiime. When the laptop display craps out see if the external is still working fine. It could be just the backlight on the laptops display is having an issue.
  2. All audio is killed, and caps/num lock are unresponsive. The computer still sounds to be running. *edit* so I'm assuming it's not a display issue.
  3. ahh. yes I agree with you.
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