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ei guys, i have an inquiry here. i am about to upgrade or buy a new graphics card because my old one is already exhausted (failing). could you help me out.
i don`t know if motherboards have limit for Graphics cards capacity

my old Graphics car: Palit Nvidia GeForce 9400GT 512mb DDR2
My Motherboard: Nvidia MCP73 Series, EMX-INF7100-AVL (see link)

and i am thingking of buying a new one with higher capacity that suits my budget
and here is it

Palit GT430 1gb Ddr3 128bit Hdmi (see link)

other brands (same engine)
Asus GT430 1gb Ddr3 128bit

Inno3D GT430 1gb Ddr3 128b Hdmi

can my mother board support this Graphics cards?
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  1. yep it will work
  2. GI_JONES said:
    yep it will work

    Wow Thanks.. that`s all i need to know.. do you think even 2GB of GT430 Ddr3 will work? no matter the brand is?
  3. ei guys, got a problem here. i`ve read that these new video cards is PCI-express 2.0 cards.. how would i know if this could work to my mother board? is there any compatibility issues for PCI Express 16xslot with this new PCI express 2.0?
  4. PCI-Express is backwards compatible it will work. The GT430 is not powerful enough to make use of 2GB of VRAM though. That card is just a marketing gimmick. The 1GB card is all you need.
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