My second build.Need help.

Hey guys i am building my second pc.This are the components i selected.

1.Mobo-Asus maximus V zene or Asus PBZ77-V Need help here confused which one to get.

2.CPU-Intel i5 3570k

3.Ram- Corsair vengence 8gb(Guys plZ tell me if this ram will work with this mobo.P8Z77 ram list from asus site shows it supports 1.65v ram while maximus v shows 1.50 what the difference? [...] 600c9.html

4.Gpu-I am not buying new one now.Will use my trusty 5850 for sometime now.


6.Cooler-Coolermaster hyper 212 evo

7.HDD-I already have it 1 TB western digital caviar black.

8.PSU-Corsair CMPSU-650TXV2UK

I am from india so use this site for any changes. [...] 630c007688

I will most likely buy asus gtx 670 direct cu2 card top
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  1. All good but no need to post this in more than one section of the forum! I answered in GPU section.
  2. Anyone here uses maximus v gene?Is the board good?
  3. This topic has been moved from the section CPU & Components to section Systems by Mousemonkey
  4. Thanks moderator for moving it to proper section.
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