Video adapter issue/Windows XP/HP Pavilion dv2000


Picked up a junker laptop from a friend today and I'm trying to piece it back together. It currently has XP professional (2002) for an OS, but I believe it came stock with vista?

I've begun installing updates/drivers and seem to be in order except for my graphics. My video adapter and vga adapter are not recognized in my device manager. I visited the nvidia website to scan for a card and nothing could be found?

So here's my question... did someone physically steal the video adapter out of this notebook, or do I have some sort of other hardware issue. I feel like it's there, but just not talking to anyone.

In your debt,

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  1. Have you considered that the laptop probably has intel integrated graphics, possibly an ati card.
  2. It's not likely that someone physically removed the graphics solution in the laptop. Try going directly to HP's web site and try to download the graphic drivers for your system.

    -Wolf sends
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