New build 3750k mobo help

Hey guys, im in the process of FINALLY upgrading my P.C to something abit more powerful :)

but i am a little stuck.

i am getting a i5 3750k (which i plan on oc'in to 4.5ghz), An NZXT Hades case, 8gb of the new Samsung green Ram but im stuck on which mobo to go for. i have around £110 left in my budget but with all the choice out there i want to get the right one for a stable overclock and some nice features.

this will be friday (hopefully) and be paired with my msi 6870 HAWK and XFX pro 550w Bronze PSU

any help is much appreciated.
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  1. It is 3570k btw. For MOBO, if you're not CF/SLIng, get the Z77 Pro3 Gen3. What state do you live in?
  2. i live in England, And thanks for the correction ;)
  3. Ah, in england, I'd still get the Pro3 Gen3. :)
  4. If you are buying i7 3570k buy a Z77 motherboard. You can't find a better motherboard for the price, go buy Asrock Z77 Extreme4
  5. Or even the Pro3 Gen3 if he's not SLI/CFing.
  6. thanks for your replies, i can find the pro3 gen3 anywhere on UK sites, only a mATX version with less phases.

    ive looked at the Extreme4 but is £125 @ do you know of any other reliable sites that might be cheaper?
  7. Phases don't matter too much at 4.5 GHz.
  8. Oh, ok. but i really wanted to avoid mATX mainly for my ego. i think they look like kids versions of the adult toys... ,might be weird, but that's how i feel.

    plus, my CPU cooler is HUGE.
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