Are These Temps Ok?

I have a Core i3-3220 (Ivy Bridge), running all settings stock, with the stock cooler. My case is a 430 elite, so I only have one front 120mm fan. My cable management is bad because it was my first build. Anyway, here are the IDLE temps:

CPU: 54c

Mainboard: 25c

I don't have windows at the moment, so all I can do is run through the BIOS, but the CPU started at 44c, and for some reason rose to 54c just while messing around with the BIOS. Is 54 (basically idle), too high? And, how about the mainboard?
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  1. 54 at idle is a bit high, but then the stock Intel cooler is pretty crappy. AFAIK power management features do not apply while in BIOS, so the CPU is at max clock. Install Windows and check the temps again.
  2. the cpu and mobo temps are usually about the same but in this case they are fairly apart at idle. so yes the temps are a little high for the cpu
  3. The stock Intel heatsink sometimes doesn't lock into those cheap push pins. Make sure it is making full contact with your CPU and also you may need to reapply thermal paste
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