Are these normal temps on my CPU?

my rig is:

Core i5 - 3470 (3.2)
DeepCool Wind Pro (Heatsink)
8GB G.SKILL Ares Series
500gb Western digital Blue
24x Liteon DVD Drive
560w Seasonic Gold PSU
Corsair Carbide 500r with 4 stock fans

are these normal for my rigs temp, i have no idea if Im already overheating or not, im only using a google chrome, odesk (my online job) and Windows media player with the capture of this temps, are these normal? going max 49c? thank you in advance
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  1. here is my heatsink by the way not really popoular though

    here is the review for it from
  2. the temperatures are normal,on stock it rises to 70+C so they are great
  3. you're good! especially for a cooler like that, doesn't really look like it would dissipate much more than a stock cooler. Good heatsink.
  4. oh thanks guys, Im worried cause of the lack of knowledge that I posses, especially when it hit 52c while gaming with nba 2k11 on a on-board GPU.. so Im good? nothing to worry? I'm afraid that I have a bad proc or there is something wrong with my system, because i was expecting a cool temp especially using an aftermarket heatsink..
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