Computer wont boot?

I have a computer its a regular computer for browsing until I get another gaming computer next month.

So anyways, I had a regular 160gb hard drive with 1GB of ram, stock motherboard, etc.
One day my computer stopped working and I was told it was the hard drive that failed, that's happened before so it was no problem. Today I went out to buy another one, I put it into my computer then I tried bootin it up. That's when my problem came my computer starts up but the fan keep running very loud contionously instead of getting quieter like it used to and also my computer won't turn on my computer screen.

I changed no wires around all I did was put a nnew ha :fou: rd drive in and also when my computer start now it sounds like its powering on and starting then after like 2 seconds it turns itself off for like 3 seconds then it boots back up and that's when it just sit there very loud like it do when I first start it up.

I don't know what's the problem and I need help :sweat:
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  1. OK.

    Without the new hard drive installed can you get to the BIOS screen? If no then whoever told you "I was told it was the hard drive that failed" missed something.

    If you can't get to the bios without the hard drive post.

    If you can get to the BIOS without the hard drive, but "and also my computer won't turn on my computer screen. " how did you install windows on your new hard drive? Typically you would need to use a recovery CD or an install disk to install windows. A new hard drive does not come with windows installed. Post if you do not know how to install windows.
  2. This sounds very much like a failing power supply, as the previous post said can you get to post with the hard drive disconnected? if so then the power supply is the problem. Your old hard drive maybe OK if it is the power supply.
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