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I was wondering if there is a guide on how to change a processor on an ASUS U50Vg laptop. I have done all the necessary information gathering and it is within the supported upgrade. Thank you.

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  1. It may be in the manual that came with the computer, but I kinda doubt there is one since laptop makers really kinda want to discourage people from trying to mess with laptop hardware.

    That being said, it shouldn't be that difficult if you are careful and slow roll the process.

    One thing to absolutely not do is yank on anything. Someone recently tried to do a similar thing on their laptop and they yanked too hard and broke the connector that powers the keyboard and now they can't use the keyboard so the laptop is pretty much a paperweight to them.

    There should be screws on the bottom that go up through the motherboard into the keyboard that hold it down, taking those out should allow you to remove the keyboard. There will most likely be a ribbon cable connecting this to the motherboard. Most likely you will be able to disconnect the cable on the motherboard side (do it gently). That should allow you to set the keyboard to the side.

    That is probably only going to reveal the place to put the RAM, though, so you will probably have to go deeper than that.

    I am not real sure how to do that on this particular laptop, but it should be kinda obvious what the next step is or if you need to remove the case shell somehow to get farther in.

    I would like to be able to take you farther than that, but I honestly don't have much experience with doing this. I generally advise everyone to not do what you are attempting and I would advise you of the same thing.

    As someone without a lot of training or expertise in that sort of thing, its pretty easy to do serious damage to the components (as in my original example). For people considering paying someone with the necessary skill to do it, the cost is usually more than just buying a new laptop would be.
  2. Hi Raiddinn thank you for the reply, but I have experience replacing the Processor however where i am stuck is removing the enclosure and gain access to the Motherboard. i was hoping someone has experience on this.
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