Gaming PC for within $900?

I am looking for a PC for around $900 USD or less. the lower the price, the better. I also need Windows7 in that price. I dont need a monitor, mouse, KB or speakers.

I want it for gaming, however, I dont play really demanding games like Crysis, BF or Skyrim.
A few upcoming games I plan on getting are Darksiders 2 and Borderlands 2, and would like to run them on high settings (I play at 1650x1280 resolution).
I otherwise mostly play games with lower system requiremnts, like Valve games, a few indie.
I would like something that will last a while, since I dont have the money to upgrade to a new PC more than every 4-5 yrs or so (I am still on my old dual-core, 3GB RAM, HD 5850 PC).

The only thing I will say is that I prefer AMD video card and Corsair PSU.

I also am not overclocking.

I would also like everything to run quiet. I dislike noisy fans and such.

Also, no "loud" cases. as, no bright colours or lights. I would like something plain looking in black or grey.
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  1. Your dual core will be fine. Just upgrade the GPU to a Radeon 6870 and the PSU to a Antec NEO 520W.
  2. my dual-core is getting a bit outdated, its an E8500, its already bottlenecking the GPU I currently have. I also have a 600w Corsair, why would I downgrade to a 520w? I also hate Antec. theyre PSUs shut off when my UPS turns on.
  3. What Antec PSUs have you had. And what Corsair PSU is it? The only good Corsair PSUs are AX, HX, and TX, and maybe CX.
  4. The Antec was a 500w Earthwatts.
    The Corsair is actually a VX 550w
  5. antec 500 earthwatts> corsair VX series

    if anything go with Seasonic 620W

    it is cheap and modular it is rated very highly for budget builds that want a modular PSU
  6. Actually, you are wrong boulbox.
    According to it performs really well.

    And gave it a 9.5/10.0.

    Oklahoma Wolf:

    As we've seen from the load testing numbers and ripple, Corsair has it going on with the new VX550W. Stability - check. High efficiency - check. Ripple well in hand - check. Build quality - it doesn't get much better. Good value - at around the $100 mark I sure ain't complaining. The only possible nits I can pick with this one were the "not as tight as they could be" heatsink screws and the Leaning Transistor of PSU, but that's me looking really really hard for something to whine about (usually I don't have to look this hard). As I've mentioned, the screw thing is probably an isolated QC issue, and the transistor probably doesn't need bolting to the heatsink. The Corsair VX550W is certainly worth one's time and money to go out and buy.


    Yep, the Corsair VX550W definitely makes one contemplate what the term "budget PSU" really means. By far it's not a ripoff PSU instead it's a very competent solid performer that stacks the deck when it comes to value and has a few aces up it's sleeve. It brings enough to the table to contend with the big boys yet won't make you want to jump out of a casino window when you wake up and realize what you spent on it.

    The Good:

    Stable rails.
    Ripple or lack thereof. They don't come much cleaner.
    Value! $100? Madness, it's madness I tell you!
    Strong good looks.
    Fully sleeved (well, 99%) on a budget? Sweet!
    Japanese caps FTW!

    The Bad:

    Loose screws? Not good.

    The Mediocre:

    Sleeving doesn't go all the way up.
    Plastic deflector on the fan. What if it comes loose?
    Leaning transistor of doom (nah, it's not that bad).
    Wattage label is hidden.
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