SLI GTX 580 and GTX 680

Guys I'm currently at a dilemma and have been since the release of the GTX 680.

I am currently running SLI GTX 580 and I'm thinking of selling them whilst they are worth something and buying a GTX 680 in place of it (and possibly SLI afew months later down the line, depending on the performance of the single card).

I play my games : 1920 x 1200 which some say is overkill, well my problem is I can't stand playing my games less than 60fps. It feels sluggish, I notice it easily and I hate it. The most stressful game that I play is Battlefield 3 which I would like to max out at 60fps (I play with vsync on) but I play more MMORPG'S than anything which in that case the 580's are overkill :P.

I've tried to be deciding myself all week, but what do you guys think? I already know that SLI 580's run faster than one 680 but I'm not bothered in taking a hit aslong as I can still game with 60fps.
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  1. Keep the 580's, and overclock each one.
  2. I should overclock them really, they are the Asus Direct CU II models still running on stock clocks.
  3. what cpu do you have?
  4. i7 950 overclocked to 4ghz
  5. Honestly, you will not be seeing a massive increase over switching to a single 680. in various reviews, the 680 typically did under the 590 GTX/6990 Radeon. I am actually looking to get a 2nd 580 GTX, for SLI, just because it will be about 200-300 dollars cheaper then me buying a new 680.

    The scaling on a 580 may not be 100% in SLI, but the performance gain to just going to a 680 won't be enough to justify the cost IMO. your system is already solid, I suggest keep it as it.
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