Computer Freezes, needs manual reset. Suggestions?

I tried looking for a good forum area to put this in, but I didn't know which one was best.

Doing What?: Playing a game/watching youtube/listening to pandora
Not at the same time, separately. Most recent was having Pandora running while I was doing HW =\.

Symptoms: Frozen screen, screen looks normal, no artifacts, just frozen. Speakers go off for about 10 seconds of constant noise, like a loud BZZZ, then turns off. Screen still frozen.

What I do?: Tried CTRL + Alt + DEL, nothing pops up. So I hit the manual reset button on the tower. Solves the issue.

I have HWMonitor open, I don't see any temperatures out of range.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
AMD X4970 slight OC
RAM 8GB Gskill
eVGA 560TI SC, no OC. Updated Drivers

I've had the computer for a couple of years, dust is cleaned out on a normal basis. Don't really see anything of issue there. I went from a ATI5770 to the 560 about 6 months ago. Before that, this freeze has never occurred before.
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  1. Just another update on the issue. The crashes still happen at random. I set my stock clocks back to normal. Temperatures never fall out of range as I'm looking at HWmonitor. My friend suggested that it could be the chipsets or the VRM (cylinder type capacitors) are over heating on the mother board.

    I have an Asrock M3A770DE motherboard, haven't had issues since I've had the system for a couple of years.

    Sometimes after the crash while playing D3, I try to reopen D3 and it will reject. I try to open Chrome as my browser and it will reject the opening, stating my settings were corrupt.

    Is there some issue or corruption anyone has dealt with? I heard it's very hard to track and I might need to reformat =\.
  2. Ended up switching out RAM, I guess even after a couple of runs, or within the month my RAM musta died. Solved the issue.
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