My new 680 keeps causing battelfield to crash

hi guys im a bit of a newb but some help would be really appreicated i have an i7 2600k 8gb ram an 750 watt power, i got the gtx 680 today an evertyhing plays well the fps is over 60 on most occasions yet after a few mintues of play i suddenly hit alo tof lafg then the game crashes,

some help would be realy nice im los ton why this i
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  1. What exactly brand is your power supply? List the model too.
  2. atx 12v model 750
  3. i noticed when i removed my 6870 one of the pins on the 6pin of the 2 was not there
  4. That's it? No brand?

    Buddy, I suspect that is the source of your problems. These no name tend not to deliver the power they promise. There's even an article about it here:,2862-3.html

    Only buy power supplies from a well known, quality brand! These include Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, OCZ, Rosewell.
    I'd suggest you get something like this:
  5. oh sorry didnt mention its antec
  6. Cool, then you should be good to go hehe. I really thought it was no brand one. Anyway, does it work after plugging the power connectors?
  7. yeah it works fine the fram rate is great then after a minutes of play liek 10 minutes it starts lagging stuttering then crashing
  8. Could you download HWMonitor and check the temperatures after it crashes?

    You can download it from
  9. ok ill do that ill put it on performance instead of graphics see how that goes when i played it on a 720p tv it was fien now on the 1080 its acting funny
  10. it seems to be fine on lower resolution with lower grpahcs settings after double checkin i saw my psu is actuacly made from a company called CIC?
  11. sorry CIT
  12. Could you take a photo of it actually? I never heard about that company before.

    EDIT: Googled it and it seems they indeed tend to crash. If it's really CIT, you got to buy a new PSU, if you don't want to risk burning your GTX 680 and the whole rig.
  13. Indeed, CiT are garbage :-/
    Replaced every one of them in new cases that i build in my shop, not worth using even when new
  14. Ok thanks guys the psu recommended, is it good and also Are they easy to install

    How about this one?
  15. That's a very nice power supply! It will work perfectly for your GTX 680!
  16. I thought bigger is better is 550 watt enough how about the antec hcg 620 is that good and more importantly do any of them fit in to my computer
  17. If you have a standard size case (not small form), then it will fit. The wattage is important, but as you can see in the article above, a power supply that has a label of 750w fails at 350w. That's why you got to choose from quality brands. Those won't fail you.

    Also, according to this article:

    The whole system won't surpass 400w with GTX 680. So 550W is pretty safe. However, if you want to feel safer, Antec HCG 620w is a very decent power supply too.
  18. In case it's not actually your PSU at fault, check your drivers make sure you have the latest nvidia drivers and check your temps

    There is always hurdles when upgrading to totally brand new Tech , the kinks aren't always ironed out yet
  19. Wait earlier you said, when you unplug your 6870 , something about a 6 pin?. Uh well if your trying to run a 6870 and a GTX 680.....uh what are you trying to achieve?, albino GPU boost?.....cough cough um listen only use the GTX 680 on that power supply. '

    Also the drivers could be at fault for this, since these are new drivers and all the problems and kinks havn't been worked out yet.
  20. There are actually brand new 680 specific only drivers, and also going from ATI to NVIDIA, you have to make sure that you...

    1. uninstall ati drivers
    2. download driver sweeper and install
    3. boot into safe mode, remove all amd display drivers with driver sweeper
    4. reboot and install the 680 drivers

    however, if that psu is garbage or not a quality brand name, you really shouldn't play at all until you install a proper one.
  21. hi guys thanks for the replys i think i made a mistake though i rushed off without thinking an bought a psu from a shop they installed it for me but they overcharged me by quite a bit this is the psu he promised me its ok for gaming what do you guys think
  22. Im just gonna guess and say that Ez-Cool isnt much better than what you had. never heard of em. Why are you letting a shop tell you what to put in? You are paying them to put in what you want. Just my opinion tho.
  23. Ahhh man I'm really upset I've got a garantue and the guy said if there are any problems he will fix it, I wish I had some good news
  24. "Specifications
    +3.3V 36A; +5V 40A;+12V120A; +12V2 20A; -12V 0.8A; +5VSB 3.0A"

    The ***? 120A? That's 1440W! Yeah... Right.

    Anyway it might work, but in the future you should really take the advice given.
  25. wolfram23 said:
    +3.3V 36A; +5V 40A;+12V120A; +12V2 20A; -12V 0.8A; +5VSB 3.0A"

    The ***? 120A? That's 1440W! Yeah... Right.

    Anyway it might work, but in the future you should really take the advice given.

    i mean so far its working, but im not a gamer. i needed a quick solution and now im jus scared it might pop its not for me its for my son hes not well and is back from the hospital i thought a good gaming computer will help him, i told the man in the shop an he assured me this wont happen, i dont know what to do shall i get a more expensive PSU and pray things dont go bad, hes on private healthcare and this pc is a big strain on our wallet.

    From you guys experience if it goes bad how bad can it get
  26. If you got warranty from the shop, you have nothing to worry about. If anything goes wrong, they will be responsible for it.
  27. hey thanks alot sunius and thanks alot guys, i didnt know the community was so helpful i was always in the dark i recently made a profile and it sure helped alot

    Take care guys i will tell you if anything goes pear shaped
  28. I have zero faith in PC "shops". Any so called expert who would put that piece of garbage in your PC, cares more for making a buck than his customers. If a PSU does go bad and burns out it can take out your entire system. Id err on the side of caution and tell them to get that POS power supply out of your PC and put in a good quality 500w Antec Earthwatts, XFX, Corsair or Seasonic PSU. They may say they gaurantee it, but if stuff goes wrong I wouldnt expect them to cover anything but the power supply.
  29. That's an absolute garbage power supply, the worst of the worst.

    He guaranteed what? He said if anything happened to it, he would fix it or replace it, he meant the psu right? Not all your parts like your new GTX680, cpu, mobo, ram, I bet he's not going to replace that if the psu blows up huh?

    Ask for advice before you buy that garbage, NOT after.
  30. Buy this

    If you can afford a £400 Graphics card give it a reliable PSU right now. The cowboy in the shop won't replace all the parts that powercool/EZ cool/Muggins Cool PSU may wreck when it goes. He will hand you a new crap PSU and say.... theres your garuantee replacement part.

    Seriously £55 for piece of mind on a very expensive system you have isn't really alot
  31. I have the BF3 crashing and freezing the whole machine issue. I have a 850w PSU Corsair and the GPU is GTX560 TI (Gigabyte card). I have updated the GPU's drivers to the most up-to-date and nothing helped, I checked temps and it never went over 58c. I went to MSI and downloaded their Overclocking tool "Afterburner". I took the clock speed from 900 to 800 (thats it) and I am able to run BF3 flawlessly as long as I underclock the card. Try this and see if it helps.
  32. I have a few friends who have 570s that were undervolted from the factory and crash as well until overclocked and voltage upped. But that isnt the issue here.
  33. i tried it today and there was no problems 1080p maxed out on graphics, illl ofcourse rather stay cautious but my son is coming out tommorow an the surprise needs to be there for him.

    what about this antec is a famous brand right

    how easy is it to install myself, it appears to be very complicated
  34. I like that Antec unit.
  35. unfortunately they're all sold out. Are they easy to put in? I just want my money back, I spetn over a hundred pound for worthless crap I hope he gives me my money back
  36. Yeah pretty easy. Each component has a specific power slot. Motherboards have a large 24 pin and a smaller 8 pin close to the CPU, there should be 1 of each from the PSU.

    Then DVD/RWs, HDDs, and other "SATA" components have SATA power, which is a long thin slot. There's usually a couple of power lines with multiple sata power plugs.

    Then you have 6 and 8 pin PCIe plugs for GPUs.

    And finally the Molex plugs which are big 4 pin plugs, used for case fans.

    Unless you're trying, it's pretty hard to screw up.

    Also, just check before hand when unplugging the old PSU cables and you'll see exactly what I mean.
  37. ok will do i thought it was complicated thats why i gave it some asshole to do it for me, ill buy one of the psus online
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