New custom build, old pc hdd

hi all, to make a long story short, i had an e-machine el1333g-03w that crapped out on me so i went to best buy and was looking at the overpriced under-powered pcs they were trying to sell me so i went to and a nearby pc store and built a custom pc.

I looked at the parts from the e-machine i could salvage and i got the HDD thats about it (everything else was too old and outdated, or too weak aka the power supply" ANYWAY, i put it in my new pc to keep my windows 7 premium + all my files etc..everything went smoothly. It pretty much installed all the new drivers except the actual motherboard ones which i did later, everything runs great, asked for an activation i just entered the e-machine code on the side of the case, good to go, no issues whatsoever except one.

i know this may be one of those "if it isn't broke don't fix it" type of problems but when i go to "My Computer" -> "Properties" under system information it still say "Manufacturer: Emachines" "Model: el1333g" anyway i can get it to not say that?

if i can't no big deal but for some reason it bothers me, any info would be appreciated, if a fresh install is required please let me know, i won't do it but it'll be good to know so i just ignore it
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  1. Not that I care but that may be against Microsoft's terms of service and slightly illegal. Not sure though. Carry on :P

    I'm guessing if you somehow managed to get it to not say that i.e. it sniffed out you have changed systems it would not wish to work anymore.
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