Are these parts compatable?

Looking to build a budget system, under 200 bucks (235 shipped) from new egg. I have "some" parts from my old rig, like harddrive, case,cd drives and power supply.

The parts I'm replacing are the mother board, the cpu and the ram, with these parts, assuming they're compatible with eachother, I'm unsure if the ram is compatiable with the CPU/APU combo, I was reading somewhere that the cpu/apu might only work with 1866 ram. Would it be better to grab a single stick of 1866 2gb and grab a 2nd one later, verse grabing theese two 1600?

Also wondering: The board says no onboard video, does this mean that VGA port is going to us the APU (from my CPU) or is it miss-labled and that is really onboard VGA video? I don't have the cash for a video card upgrade atm ontop of this, but I need to be able to use the computer, as my current rig will no longer be here.

Heres the items I'm wanting to buy:
Ram 1600:

Possible ram 1866:

The total comes to $228.49, that leaves me 7 dolars in my account, so hopefully these 3 items will work with eachother.
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  1. It should also be mentioned that I am planning on doing the crossfire between the APU and a pci express card later.. This mobo can handle that right?
  2. I see no good reason why the parts you chose won't work with either set of RAM.

    The motherboard really has no built in video. The video will come from the processor.

    However, I want to point out that while the 1600 mhz RAM will work, it will bottleneck the video power of the APU. This will directly affect the graphics power the system is capable of.

    If all you care is that it gets on facebook, that isn't a large problem for you. If you want to game on it, that could be a big deal. Especially combined with the fact that AMD cores have pretty bad processor power in general.

    Additionally, 2GBs is just not very much RAM. Windows 7 uses about that much all by itself. Games or other productivity apps will be another 2GBs each in some cases.

    I would rather see you get something more like this:
    Gigabyte H61 Motherboard - $61 after rebate
    G.Skill 1x 4GB RAM - $30
    Intel G850 Processor - $100
    Powercolor 6570 Video Card - $65

    That all comes to about $265 shipped which goes past your budget range, but it would perform a whole lot better in everything and have an actual upgrade path.

    There are probably some parts that would shave off a few bucks from those without too much of a performance hit as well, those are just the first thing I came across of each type.

    If you wait till has anything other than ridiculous shipping costs, that would get it under the 235 shipped that you currently have.

    There may also be somewhere to get a slightly less powerful 1155 processor like a G630 or something for much less than $100 that would also cause the budgets to even out and you would still come out ahead and still have an upgrade path.

    I don't know everywhere Canadians can get parts from, though, and it doesn't look like those are on right now.

    - Edit - I don't see why the motherboard you chose wouldn't be able to crossfire the APU + 6570, but I still wouldn't do it.
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  4. "I don't see why the motherboard you chose wouldn't be able to crossfire the APU + 6570, but I still wouldn't do it."

    Can you explain to me why you would not use the crossfire with the apu?

    I have ordered the parts above, but I ordered a 8gb ram kit, a pair of gskill ripjaws (2x 4gb)

    Honestly I'm upgrading from a core 2 duo e8400 and a ATI radeon x1650 pro 1gb pci express. So this should be a retardedly huge upgrade I would assume? Atm I'm playing diablo 3 at lowest resolution settings, so I would again assume that this new rig I'm buying would be able to handle much, much higher resolution.
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