I think there is something wrong about my GPU

Hi, I'm watching anime from my desktop and suddenly the whole screen turns a violet-dotted-like... I can still see my screen but there is a lot violets on it... it takes my whole screen like 2/4 or something... and I cant control my pc anymore on that situation...

is my video card are bad? or it is broken?
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  1. That's most likely the card's problem. I guess you don't have another computer to try it in?
  2. yeah I dont have other one to try it... I just watched another episode of anime now and there is nothing wrong with it... but so far it happened about 3 times now...
  3. Try different player...and upgrade your drivers...if that does not resolve the issue RMA your video card
  4. Yep, model of your GPU is?
  5. its MSI twin frozr II OC edition 1gb afaik...
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