I5 3550 temperature

system spec
i5 3550
corsair 650tx v2
saphire hd 7850 dual x
corsair vegeance ram 4gbx2
asus p8h77 motherboard
corsair force 120gb ssd
antec 200 case( 2 fans 1 top 1 back)

the issue is that using realtemp application the max temp of cpu was found to be 73 c, is this high or for the ivy is this normal
the graphics card temperature is also around 69 c, when playing mafia 2(obtained using catalyst overdrive app), still the fan runs at 28 percent, the fan speed is set to automatic, is this condition ok... should i increse the no. of case fan( optional front and side fan).
thanks in advance
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  1. Both are fine. No need to worry. Only when you get around 90+ its not that great.
  2. A front fan would help a bit.

    GPUs will usually max out 80-95c with their stock coolers.

    69c isn't a lot for a GPU.

    About your CPU temp, if you are using stock cooler then those temps are common either because they aren't mounted properly (Intel's legendary push pin things hardly ever work), or Intel's stock cooler just sucks.
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