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I purchased an HP laptop running Vista just when Windows 7 was coming out. It included a coupon to upgrade to Windows 7. I ordered the upgrade disks.

I finally ran the upgrade to Windows 7 including performing the suggested backup of all my files on a separate hard drive. The instructions indicated that I would be saving my email and contacts that was a part of Windows Mail. Now that I am running Win 7, I don't have access to Windows Mail and I don't know where my email files might reside.

What can I do now to gain access to my old emails and contracts?

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  1. Here was my solution. After I upgraded to Win7 from Vista I then downloaded Windows Live Essentials and installed the complete application. I then uninstalled everything except Windows Live Mail. Live Mail found all my emails and contacts. It also incorporated my email send and receive automaticly. I was both relieved and impressed. It worked as advertised. Go figure.
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